About Us

Grow Dynamix was created after we ran community classes teaching people how to grow their own food. The garden training courses were an instant hit and community members asked for more. From participant feedback we realised that people had a real hunger to learn practical skills in the garden in a relaxed and informal setting.

Grow Dynamix offers a range of garden training courses to teach people how to grow their own food and develop productive and thriving gardens.

At Grow Dynamix we believe in the educational principle that a “picture is worth a thousand words and a practical demonstration is worth a thousand pictures”. Our courses are fun, engaging and upskill participants through hands-on and practical training methods.

We are regularly asked the question “Where can I buy quality seed from?” In response to this we have decided to offer a range of tried and tested traditional and heirloom seed varieties which are suited to diverse Australian conditions.

We have been providing training locally and internationally in food security for 25 years in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Uganda. We have first-hand experience of local and global trends in agriculture and food security and share this information through our presentations, workshops and training sessions. Food security affects everyone and is becoming one of the most challenging issues of the 21st Century.

The Garden Training Centre in Hobart

Our Team

Michael is the founder of Grow Dynamix and is a qualified horticulturist and teacher with over 30 years’ experience in the horticulture and gardening industries. His experience covers market gardens, production and retail nurseries, landscaping and garden design, organic food production and the design, construction and management of school and community food gardens. Michael has been working locally and internationally on food security for 25 years and is passionate about teaching people how to grow their own food so that they can eat healthy, save money and enjoy the art of successful gardening.

Sonia is the Office Manager and works on all the fun stuff like managing our website, bookings and seed orders. She’s also involved in managing overseas projects, developing training programs and resources and coordinates our social media updates. Sonia is a qualified school and vocational teacher and holds qualifications in business, management and education. Whilst she loves all things administrative she also enjoys spending time in the garden growing fruit, vegetables and herbs and coming up with creative ways to cook and preserve produce.

Peppi has the official title of Workplace Supervisor. She takes her role very seriously and spends part of her days following Michael around the garden regularly inspecting/sniffing the works, the other part of the days she spends sleeping in the office. Being nearly 13 years old Peppi likes to have regular breaks.

Scruffy is our Waste Disposal Manager. She likes to take care of any spare food in the workplace. Scruffy loves spending time gardening and especially loves digging in the garden when manure or compost has been spread.

Our Mission

“At Grow Dynamix our mission is promoting the joy of successful food gardening.”

Our Values


We are committed to sustainable gardening practices.


Everything we do, we do to a high standard.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing great customer experiences.

Training Excellence

We provide fun, engaging and practical training.


The foundation of all that we do.

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