August 28, 2018

Early harvesting

This month we thinned out our autumn sown mixed veggie bed. This bed has a mixture of onion varieties such as Gladalan White, Red Shine, Spring Onion and Gladalan Brown. Other rows include Garlic, Bulgarian Giant Leek, All Seasons Carrots, Silverbeet Fordhook Giant and Radish Cherry Bell. The onion and leek seedlings that have been thinned out can be planted in another bed to grow out or used for cooking. Yummy… can’t beat the taste of young fresh produce. The carrots and radishes are also delicious when picked small. No need to peel the young carrots, cook with the skin on roasted or in stir-fries. The silverbeet can be picked as baby-leaf and cooked up stem and all – very […]
July 28, 2018

The great chilli harvest!

We harvested our Cayenne Chillies very late this season. The peppers hung on the bushes and turned a brilliant red by March, but we did not harvest them fully until June this year. We had been picking fresh chillies as early as November from the same bushes, so it goes to show what a prolific variety the Long Cayenne is for all round Australian conditions. Just a note that this variety is not for the faint hearted. They are very hot, especially once they have turned red in colour. We find that 1-2 full chillies with seeds is about enough to put the heat into most dishes, unless of course you are one of those rare people who can literally […]